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Termination Boards

Model 311TA : Accessory board

Model 314TA : Accessory board

Model 609TA-ND : Camera connection box, 2U rack mount, GPIO, 16 in/8 out

Model 609TA : Camera connection box, 2U rack mount, 16 in/8 out

Model 609TC : Camera connection box, breakout to 16 BNC, panel mount

Model 609TE : Camera connection box, breakout to 16 BNC, CD-ROM form factor

Model 609TG : Camera connection box, breakout to 32 BNC, 2U 19 inch rackmount

Model 811TA-AUDIO : Termination board, 4 audio in + 4 digital I/O

Model 811TA-SVIDEO : Termination board, 4 S-Video in + 4 Digital I/O

Model 817TA/817TAS : 16-channel Distribution Amplifier

Model 817TA : 16-channel distribution amplifier board

Model 911TA : Breakout (audio in and composite video in)

Model 911TB : Breakout (composite video in)

Model 911TC : Breakout (audio in)

Model 953TA-Input : 24 pin breakout (audio in and composite video in)

Model 953TA-Output : 16 pin breakout (audio out and composite video out)

Model 1012TA : 16 pin break-out (audio in and composite video in)

Model 2410TA : Termination board, zero-footprint for 2410

Model 2426TA : Termination board for Model 2426, top mounted

Model 7409TB : Breakout board, 40-pin, with temperature sensor

Model 7409TC/7409TDIN : Breakout Board, 40-pin, with CJ Sensor and Prototype Area

Model 7501T8 : Termination board, 8 G4 solid-state relay rack

Model 7502TDIN : Breakout board, 20-pin, DIN rail mountable

Model 7503TDIN : Breakout board, 26-pin, DIN rail mountable

Model 7505TDIN : Breakout board, 50-pin, DIN rail mountable

Model 7506TDIN : Breakout board, 40-pin, DIN rail mountable

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Legacy Products

Legacy products are not recommended for new designs as they can have up to 12 week lead times and minimum order requirements. Please call for availability.

Termination Boards

Model 300TA : PC/104+ stackable breakout board for Model 301-06

Model 720RB/720RBDIN : Solid-state relay board

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