16-channel Distribution Amplifier | Model 817TA/817TAS

Model 817TAS 16-channel Distribution Amplifier
  • Splits one composite video signal into 16 buffered outputs
  • Includes power supply


Model 817TAS is an indispensable tool for application development and troubleshooting with 16-channel frame grabbers such as models 617, 817, and 819. It takes one composite video signal (BNC connector) and splits it into 16 buffered outputs of standard amplitude and impedance.

The video outputs are connected to a 34-pin ribbon cable connector with pinout compatible to models 617, 817, and 819. A combination of models 817TAS and 609TC, TE or TG yields a splitter with 16 BNC outputs.

Typical Applications


See Also

Sensoray offers the following termination boxes that are compatible with the 817TA. A flat cable, Model 609C1 (video in) is needed.

Model 609TC provides 16 BNC's for camera connections and is 2U height. Model 609TE provides 16 BNC's for camera connections and fits in the space of a CD player. Model 609TG supports 32 camera connections and is 2U height for 19 inch enclosure.

Pricing & Ordering

Model Description Qty 1 Qty 2-9 Order Qty.
817TAS16-channel distribution amplifier w/ Enclosure$216$216
609C1Cable, flat, 16-channel video input, 50cm$23$21
609C2Cable, 24 inches, 16-conductor flat to 8 BNC$37$34

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