16-channel JPEG frame grabber | Model 615

Model 615 16-channel JPEG frame grabber
  • 16 composite video inputs
  • Full resolution, full frame rate JPEG compression of NTSC, PAL, SECAM
  • 64 character text overlay with automatic time stamp
  • Uncompressed, downscaled frames available for external motion detection

Model 615 is a legacy product and is not recommended for new designs. Legacy products are available but may have lead times up to 12 weeks and minimum order requirements. We recommend model 817 as a substitute for this product.


Sensoray's Model 615 captures images from its sixteen inputs and performs hardware JPEG compression. The video source can be from non-synchronized cameras, and interlaced frames are buffered before compression. Scaled down uncompressed images are available for visual monitoring and for motion detection by the host computer. The 615's overall throughput is 30 frames per second for NTSC and 25 frames per second for PAL.

The 615 implements a 16x4 crosspoint video switch and uses 4 separate decoders with individual frame buffers. This allows cycling through all 16 input channels at the full capture rate without losing frames during channel switching.

Model 615 block diagram


Input clamping

Each input channel has a clamping circuit to minimize the effects of switching from one floating camera signal to another. Image artifacts from a previous channel will not affect the current channel.

Caption overlay

A text caption buffer (64 characters), modified on a frame-to-frame basis, may be overlaid on the compressed image. The position of the caption, character size and color are software-controlled. The caption is transparent; only the characters overlay the image. Caption formatting functions available in the software provide an easy way of including date and time stamps.


Model 615 executes the baseline JPEG compression with the software controlled compression factor. The minimum compression factor results in an image file size of about 50KB for a full resolution NTSC frame. Increasing the compression factor yields smaller files at the expense of image quality.

Frame rates

Each of the four decoders digitizes 30 frames per second to give an overall board throughput of 30 fps for 640x480 interlaced frames. These throughputs include JPEG compression. If all sixteen channels are used, the frame rate per channel is 1.8 fps.

Hardware compression

Model 615 executes hardware JPEG compression to greatly reduce the amount of memory needed to store images. Hardware compression reduces the CPU and PCI bus loading.

Model 817TA distribution amplifier

Model 817TA is an indispensable tool for application development and troubleshooting with Sensoray's 16-channel frame grabbers (Models 615, 617 and 817). Model 817TA takes one standard composite TV video signal (using a BNC connector) and splits it into 16 buffered outputs of standard amplitude and impedance. The outputs are connected to a 34-pin ribbon cable connector standard for the above mentioned frame grabbers. A combination of models 817TA and 609TC, TE or TG yields a splitter with 16 BNC outputs.

Termination boxes

The 615 may be optionally be connected to termination boxes with the flat cable.

Typical application



Capture & JPEG rate30 frames/second for 640x480 NTSC
25 frames/second for 704x544 PAL
A/D resolution9 bits luminance, 9 bits chrominance
Video inputs16 composite inputs, 75 Ω
Video outputs4 real-time
Hardware compressionJPEG
Caption buffer64 bytes
Digital inputs16 TTL compatible
Digital outputs16 TTL compatible
Frame rates
Number of cameras NTSC frames/second PAL frames/second
1 30 25
2 15 12.5
4 7.5 6.25
8 3.75 3.12
16 1.88 1.56

Model 615 dimensions



File Version Type Size
Model 615 Hardware Manual1.0.0PDF256 KB
Model 615 Software Manual1.0.0PDF81 KB


File Version Type Size
Model 615 Software Development Kit2.5.0ZIP925 KB
Model 615 Windows DLL2.5.1ZIP28 KB
Model 615 Linux2.0.0GZ43 KB
Other Operating Systems
Need a software development kit for another operating system? We can port our SDK to
your OS or provide the information you need to do it yourself. Contact Sales for details.

Pricing & Ordering

Model Description Qty 1 Qty 2-9 Order Qty.
61516-channel JPEG frame grabberCallCall 
Distribution amplifiers
817TAS16-channel distribution amplifier w/ Enclosure$216$216
Camera connection boxes
609TACamera connection box, 2U rack mount, 16 in/8 out$371$339
609TA-NDCamera connection box, 2U rack mount, GPIO, 16 in/8 out$296$268
609TCCamera connection box, breakout to 16 BNC, panel mount$97$85
609TECamera connection box, breakout to 16 BNC, CD-ROM form factor$129$117
609TGCamera connection box, breakout to 32 BNC, 2U 19 inch rackmount$286$259
609C1Cable, flat, 16-channel video input, 50cm$23$21
609C2Cable, 24 inches, 16-conductor flat to 8 BNC$37$34
609C5Cable, with 3-header connector, for model 615$18$18
609C7-40Cable, 16 monitor output, 1 meter$50$45
7409C1Cable, flat, 40 conductor, 1 meter$31$28

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