MPEG-1/2/4,JPEG frame grabber in compact form factor | Model 2251

Model 2251 MPEG-1/2/4,JPEG frame grabber in compact form factor
  • MPEG1/2/4 & JPEG capture to USB from analog video at D1
  • Compact form factor for embedded designs
  • 30 fps NTSC, 25 fps PAL
  • Synchronous audio capture from stereo line input
  • Multiple region motion detection
  • Text overlay (OSD)

Model 2251 is a legacy product and is not recommended for new designs. Legacy products are available but may have lead times up to 12 weeks and minimum order requirements. We recommend model 2253 as a substitute for this product.


Model 2251 is a USB frame grabber that accepts an NTSC or PAL composite analog video source and converts it into an MPEG stream along with the optional synchronized audio. Frame capture in JPEG format is also supported. Its USB interface allows video capture at full resolution and frame rate. Adjustable resolution and bitrate selections provide the optimal balance between quality and storage requirements for a wide range of applications. Model 2251 comes with a USB cable that has been designed specifically for it.

The 2251 was designed for OEMs who integrate it with their application software using our 2251 Software Development Kit (SDK). The product requires a knowledge of C-language or Visual Basic; it is not a consumer product intended for home use. The 2251 SDK does not support the development of applications natively in DirectShow. If this is required, please see Sensoray's model 2253.

A USB cable is supplied with model 2251. Video cables must be purchased separately.

Motion Detection

The 2251 supports motion detection in three user programmable regions of interest. For each separate region of interest, the user can set up different levels of motion detection sensitivity. Within each of the regions of interest, motion can be further localized to a 16x16 pixel block. Please see images under images and mechanical drawings.


The 2251 was designed primarily for OEMs who integrate it with their application software using the Software Development Kit (SDK) available for download under the downloads tab. The SDK supports simultaneous preview and recording, snapshot feature, OSD. A fully functional demo application (with the source code) illustrates the use of the SDK. A JPEG capture demo application illustrates the simple frame grabbing function.

Currently, the 2251 driver does not support seamless integration with any 3rd party applications (such as Video LAN, or Windows Media Encoder). The functions of the 2251 without software development are limited to those of the demo applications in the SDK. This product requires a knowledge of C-language or Visual Basic. It is not a consumer product intended for home use.

Model 2251 is software compatible to model 2250. The only difference between the 2250 and 2251 is the lack of a microphone input on the 2251; all other features are identical. There is no separate software for model 2251, the regular 2250 SDKs should be used. Since the same drivers are used, model 2251 is detected by operating systems as model 2250.

Software Interface


The SDK includes three demo applications with source code:

  • App 2250 demo, an MFC application, that allows video stream preview in a window; modification of compression, audio and video setting; and recording the stream to the hard drive.
  • MotionJPEG Demo, a simple console application, records a given number of JPEG frames to the hard drive without display.
  • Visual Basic Demo, a Visual Basic 6.0 demonstration program is available for downloading. It shows how to communicate with the 2251 but it does not implement every function.

Motion Detection

Motion Regions


Motion Map



Inputs Video: composite (BNC), 75 Ω
Audio: line in stereo (3.5 mm jack).
Input Video Formats NTSC (M), PAL (BDGHIMN)
Output Video Formats MPEG1, MPEG2 (MP@ML), MPEG4 (SP@L3 + B-frame support)
Output Resolution 320x240, 720x480 (NTSC, 30 frames/sec)
320x288, 720x576 (PAL, 25 frames/sec)
Bitrates Constant and variable, up to 6Mbs
OSD 96 characters, 16x16 pixel font
Snapshot JPG and BMP formats, concurrent with preview/capture
USB Current Draw 470 mA
Host Communication USB 1.1 or 2.0


File Version Type Size
Model 2250/2251 Windows SDK
Compatible with Windows XP
1.1.13ZIP39.61 MB
Model 2250/2251 Linux SDK2.1.2GZ126 KB
Other Operating Systems
Need a software development kit for another operating system? We can port our SDK to
your OS or provide the information you need to do it yourself. Contact Sales for details.

Pricing & Ordering

Model Description Qty 1 Qty 2-9 Order Qty.
2251MPEG-1/2/4,JPEG frame grabber in compact form factorCallCall 
2251-NCMPEG frame grabber without audio/video connectorsCallCall 

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