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To use the Wireless features of the 4011 an approved USB adapter must be plugged in at start up.

Approved Adaptors

Edimax EW-7811Un Available as WA0000

Lib-Link BL-LW05-AR5 Available as WA0001


The wifi feature on the 4011 has been tested in the open with line of sight to have the following performance:

Device Mb/s at 10ft 50ft 100ft
Edimax 5 1 -
Lib-Link 5 5 1

Devices and Programs to view with

RTSP Player app have been tested on iOS and Android

VLC has been tested with Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android


Known Issue
Work around
Connection using iPhone
iPhones sometimes have trouble connecting to the 4011.
Repeated attempts normally are successful after 2-3 tries.
Disconnection using iPhone
If a stream is running to an iPhone connecting with Windows with disconect the iPhone.
Stop the stream to the iPhone before connecting with Windows.
Recording on iOS
VLC and RTSP Player do not have record features on iOS
Connections get unstable at range
Due to the nature of wireless tested maximums will not beachived in all real world cases.
Reducing bandwidth, may allow longer range connections, or connections in noisier WiFi environments or through obstacles.
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