Frame Grabber Blends JPEG Compression and Digital I/O
What used to require separate subsystems is now possible in a single board. A case in point is Sensoray's Model 617-4 card. 617-4_photo.jpg

Sensoray's Model 617-4 combines the functions of a frame grabber, hardware JPEG compression and digital I/O into one PCI board. It simultaneously accepts four composite video inputs and routes them to four independent video decoders for digitizing. The use of four decoders eliminates losing frames during channel switching.

Model 617-4 has a capture rate of 30 fps at 640 x 480 resolution (25 fps for PAL) or 120 fps at 320 x 240 resolution (100 for PAL). It employs hardware JPEG compression to greatly reduce the amount of memory needed to store images, as well as reducing the CPU and PCI bus loading. Sensoray's software supports multiple 617-4 boards on the same PCI bus. On each board, the four video inputs are routed to four outputs for display on local monitors. A caption buffer allows overlaying text on each frame. Overlay text is contained in a transparent box that may be positioned in any of four possible locations of the frame. The text size and color are programmable.

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