Traffic-monitoring frame grabber | Model 617-4

Model 617-4 Traffic-monitoring frame grabber
  • 30 fps at 640x480 resolution (25 fps for PAL)
  • 120 fps at 320x240 resolution (100 fps for PAL)
  • 4 video inputs, 4 real-time outputs, 32 digital I/O
  • Hardware JPEG compression of NTSC, PAL, SECAM
  • Text overlay buffer for frame annotation
  • Uncompressed frames available for external motion detection

Model 617-4 is obsolete. This archived information is provided as a courtesy to customers who own model 617-4 units.


Model 617-4 combines the functions of a frame grabber, hardware JPEG compression and digital I/O into one PCI board. The 617-4 accepts four composite video inputs and routes them to separate video decoders for digitizing. The use of four decoders eliminates losing frames during channel switching.

Frame rates

The 617-4's JPEG compression engine has an aggregate capture rate of 30 fps at 640x480 resolution (25 for PAL), resulting in 7.5 fps per channel when all channels are used. At 320x240 resolution, the aggregate capture rate is 120 fps (100 for PAL), or 30 fps per channel when all channels are used.

Hardware compression

Model 617-4 executes hardware JPEG compression to greatly reduce the amount of memory needed to store images. Hardware compression reduces the CPU and PCI bus loading.

Multiple boards

Sensoray's software supports multiple 617-4s in the same PCI bus. For example, two models of the 617-4 may be used to expand the number of video inputs to eight.

Real-time outputs

Four video inputs are routed to four output channels for display on video monitors. A software-selectable switch after each buffer amplifier allows multiple 617-4 frame grabbers to share the same video monitor.

Text overlay

The caption buffer of the 617-4 allows overlaying text on each frame. The text is within a transparent box that may be positioned in one of 4 possible locations of the frame. The text size and color are programmable.

Special output

The model 617-4 also supplies small-size uncompressed frames suitable for motion detection by the host computer. These are 128x96 or 256x192 pixels.


Capture & JPEG rate30 fps NTSC at 640x480 NTSC (25 fps for PAL)
120 fps NTSC at 320x240 NTSC (100 fps for PAL)
Video inputs8 bits luminance, 8 bits chrominance
Video outputs4 composite inputs, 75 Ω
Hardware compressionJPEG
Caption buffer64 bytes
Digital inputs32 bits of TTL-compatible programmable inputs/outputs


File Version Type Size
Model 617-4 Hardware Manual1.0.0PDF205 KB
Model 617-4 Software Manual1.0.0PDF63 KB


File Version Type Size
Model 617-4 Windows Update2.3.0ZIP39 KB
Linux driver for 2.4 Kernels2.4.0GZ31 KB
Model 617 Windows Software Development Kit (64-bit)2.4.0ZIP15.15 MB
Other Operating Systems
Need a software development kit for another operating system? We can port our SDK to
your OS or provide the information you need to do it yourself. Contact Sales for details.

Pricing & Ordering

Model Description Qty 1 Qty 2-9 Order Qty.
617-4Traffic-monitoring frame grabberCallCall 
609C7-40Cable, 16 monitor output, 1 meter$50$45
7409C1Cable, flat, 40 conductor, 1 meter$31$28

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