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Video and data acquisition products

SENSORAY is a leading designer and manufacturer of OEM electronics for video capture and processing, data acquisition and machine control. We are committed to technical excellence and design innovation and to providing the tools and support our customers depend on for rapid development and ensured success. We offer a diverse range of standard, modified, and fully custom solutions for USB, Ethernet, PCI-Express, PC/104+ and other popular platforms, with free evaluations of standard products. Founded in 1982, Sensoray delivers practical, reliable solutions alongside outstanding live technical support and service.

Video capture for land, sea and aerospace applications

SENSORAY specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced video capture and processing devices. Our video products have recorded flights onboard the Space Shuttle, beamed imagery from UAVs and captured video from sub-sea and pipeline inspections ROVs. They record countless surgeries in operating rooms, monitor secure facilities and stream video from broadcast studios around the world. Sensoray video products offer high performance HD capture and compression, text and graphics overlay, video over IP, exceptionally low latency and advanced deinterlacing.

Data acquisition for measurement and control

SENSORAY data acquisition products are used in scientific and industrial applications worldwide. Our M&C products control cranes at shipping ports and soldering machines on factory floors, and regulate pressure in waterjet cutters. They have monitored experiments aboard Space Shuttles, acquired spectator votes in sports stadiums and measured the temperatures of deep ocean hydrothermal vents. Sensoray products are compatible with operating systems ranging from Linux and Windows to QNX and other real-time OSs.

Custom solutions

SENSORAY's expertise extends to the leading edge of video capture/processing and process control technology, enabling us to produce cost effective solutions that meet your exacting specifications. Contact us today to discuss your project with one of our expert engineers.

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